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Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation treatments are non-invasive, non-scarring, and do not require anesthesia. In fact, with no downtime and no pain, you can receive a treatment while maintaining your active lifestyle. Ultrasonic cavitation is designed to destroy fat cells. To maintain results after treatment, drink plenty of water daily with a healthy, balanced diet and be sure to exercise. If life is too busy, I'm here to help with follow up treatments.

Beware of knock off machines that don't offer a strong enough frequency to penetrate into the adipose fat. Our leading-edge equipment offers faster results, and in half the time, with treatments that can be done simultaneously.

What to Expect

All bodies are different; therefore, it’s not possible to predict the extent that ultrasonic cavitation may help you or how fast your body responds. Age, diet, exercise and metabolism all play a role so these factors dictate how many sessions will work for you. Quickest results are with those that are within 30 lbs of their desired weight. Remember, the scale is not the end all in success. You will see a change in how you look, inches, how you feel, how your clothes fit and the kick start encourages motivation to do your part to flush the broken-down fat out of your system and Keep It Off.

However, standard treatments typically work best in:

  • Up to (2) 1-hour sessions within one week, 3 days apart
  • 30 to 75 minute sessions
  • Localized areas such as the abdomen, flanks, thighs, hips, and upper arms

Is it Permanent?

YES! If the pre and post care instructions are followed, and once you have flushed the broken-down fat cells, it's out of your system ~ GONE! Now it's up to you to keep it off with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic Technology


HIFEM is an FDA-cleared body-sculpting treatment that builds muscle and burns fat. It delivers high-intensity focused electro-magnetic energy (HIFEM) pulses to the muscle tissue, creating maximal muscle contractions that activate more muscle fibers than what you can achieve through normal exercise at 30,000 pulses per 30 minutes.

A next-generation treatment that combines enhanced HIFEM technology with radio-frequency (RF) energy in the form of heat, to burn fat more effectively. Same technology as the leading muscle toning treatment on the market but at 1/4 of the cost.


HIFEM therapy creates steady electric impulses that stimulate muscle contractions. This repetitive contraction and relaxing of the muscle:

  • Increases circulation (blood flow) to the affected tissue area, which aids in repair.
  • Improves strength by flexing and working weakened muscles.
  • Slows the process of muscle atrophy by strengthening weakened or unused muscles.
  • Can improve core strength which in turn helps decrease lower back pain.
  • Recovers or re-trains muscles.
  • Strengthens post pregnancy abdominals.


HIFEM has been in wide use for decades. When administered by professionals, it is safe and painless and has very few, if any, side effects. Administered correctly, these techniques can make a difference in pain levels and can aid in muscle recovery, relaxation and rehabilitation. People with heart issues and pacemakers require a doctor's note for approval.


If you exercise regularly then stop, you can expect for things to go back to where they were. The maintenance of this treatment is also in your hands. Eating right, drinking water and exercising (doing those crunches and squats that strengthen those muscles) will help you maintain the results as long as you make it possible. We can also do maintenance treatments monthly or every few months, whatever suits your needs.

For optimum results, 6 to 8 treatments are highly recommended but no less than 4 treatments initially. These should take place at an interval of 2 sessions per week for 2 weeks. Results continue for up to 6 months.

  • Vaccum Therapy Bum Lift


The vacuum therapy butt lift procedure tightens and tones your glutes. Vacuum therapy stimulates muscles, which results in the break down of unwanted fatty tissue deposits and cellulite. This helps eliminate toxins, thereby improving lymphatic drainage.

Vacuum therapy also restores your skin's natural elasticity to smooth the appearance of dimples on your thighs and bum. It's painless, safe, and effective while stimulating blood circulation and increasing collagen elastin. What does this mean for you? It improves the texture and tone of your muscles.


By applying specialized suction cups to the bum, the technique helps to correct, tone and tighten the glute muscles. We begin with a few minutes of cavitation and radio frequency (RF) treatments. Then we place the suction cups along the bum for 30 to 45 minutes, slowly increasing pressure based on your desired level of enhancement and tolerance.


Results of this non-invasive procedure will be different from a surgical bum lift. However, most people are satisfied with the results they see in about 6 to 8 sessions. People can expect to see increased size, improved tone and skin texture. Vacuum therapy can help raise your bum, giving it a more youthful, gravity defying look. With exercise or regular vacuum therapy sessions, you can maintain the results of your enhanced tush.


This treatment is 100% non-surgical, so you can return to your normal activities immediately. Since everyone is different, some people can be prone to light redness, pressure from the ring of the cups, minor bruising or tingling, but this will be temporary and will clear up very quickly.

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