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About Shampooh's

Welcome to our fun, relaxing neighborhood salon. Where the coffee is hot in the morning, and the wine is flowing in the evening.

Whether you're looking for a quick trim or a whole new you, we have a wonderful staff of professionals that offer a wide variety of hair services.

How about facials, nails, lashes, brows? We do it all!

Shampooh's was born in 2014. Mary King also known as "Pooh" purchased Marin Hair Express that had been here since 1997. She had been working in this wonderful salon since 2012. "We have the same great staff and a lot of amazing new girls" that I am so proud to work with. Come by to say "Hi" and check out our new shop Shampooh too, located next door. Its all about skin, lashes, brow's and nails!

Meet the Business Owner

Mary "Pooh" started doing hair in high school for friends. " I used to do my friends hair before we would go out on weekends, and even between classes sometimes." after graduating, she worked in several fields including resale, banking, and computer programing, but continued to cut hair. " One day I had three people stop by for a hair cut, that's when I realized I should do this for a living." At this time she had three kids and a fourth on the way. She started school at the age of 38 at Le Melange Cosmetology School in Napa and graduated top of her class, 11 months later.

Our Hair Team

  • Pooh (415-246-1625)
  • Angie (415-246-1792)
  • Lisa (415-519-2655)
  • Chioma (415-572-0966)
  • Rene (415-897-7866)
  • Oksana (415 299-7771)
  • Michelle (415-302-5162)
  • Lenka (415-259-8209)
  • Cheryl (707-556-9492
  • Mary (415-897-8213)


  • Svetlana (415-342-2290)


  • Tina (415-342-9253)


  • Chioma (415-572-0966)


  • Annabel (415-645-6885)

Master Loctician

  • Vinnie (757-870-5407)

Fillers and Botox

  • Amy (415-200-8434)
About Shampooh's

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